Friday, September 2, 2011

Twin Pack Grobags in stock

NEW GROBAGS IN STOCK - Twin packs, Doodle Zoo, Alphabet Travel...

Hippo Hop and Spot
Grobags are brilliant, but if you’re a parent you will know that having one is just not enough.
What happens if your baby has an accident in the middle of the night and you need to change them and their grobag? Introducing a fantastic solution that means you can get the solution in one go, at brilliant value too.

Introducing Grobag Twin Packs! Now available in Wash & Wear and Day & Night combination in HIPPO HOP AND SPOT designs.

You’ll make a big saving compared to buying two separate Grobags!

Other new grobags include the DOODLE ZOO and ALPHABETS

With lots of fun new friends to meet, this fresh bright design will take you on a colourful adventure around Doodle Zoo.

Doodle Zoo

When you were little what was your favourite pet called? Charming, nostalgic, and lots of fun, Alphapets will introduce you to lots of new characters whilst looking rather trendy too! A great travel grobag.

Price: varies Available from Mothersbliss here

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