Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kit for Kat! Lifeguard on Duty

LIFEGUARD ON DUTY - Latest from Kit for Kat!
OK - August has been very eventful for us. 2 weeks driving down the West Coast, from San Francisco to LA (1500 miles in all). An earthquake last week and then Irene (a hurricane and then a tropical storm) - all these combined with several migraine attacks! We've been busy...

It has been a never ending round of packing and unpacking suitcases (latest being the one we packed a few days ago in case we had to rush downstairs when Irene struck)...all this is getting back to normal now (sort of!)

Kat was actually sad to get out of the rental car (aka our mobile home) because she felt that it had been her home for the last 2 weeks (I don't blame her - with all the snacking we did on the road, it did seem like Mom's kitchen!) READ THE REST... here

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