Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bubzilla Baby Sling


Use of a Bubzilla baby sling has many advantages.
A Bubzilla baby sling will help build a strong bond between parents and baby. The baby will feel secure with body contact and will also benefit from movement as it will aid in the babies digestion.
Think about it all the extra mental stimulus the baby will get from being carried in a baby sling.
Having a young family will mean that mum will be kept pretty busy taking care of things around the home. A Bubzilla sling will enable you to have two hands free wile still holding and comforting your baby. As the Bubzilla sling is so versatile in it use from baby to toddler a child will get used to this close bond with parents.

Also - great for breastfeeding!
Please remember that the Bubzilla Baby Sling is fitted to the wearer and not the baby.

Price: £48.50 PLUS FREE UK


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  1. Baby sling are able to provide privacy when breastfeeding or nursing your baby in public. You can nestle the baby deep within the fabric of the sling to ensure privacy while monitoring that the baby’s head is relaxed and not squished upon its chest, which is important to maintain proper breathing.