Friday, July 8, 2011

The Hair Dilemma

TO CUT OR NOT TO CUT? - Latest from Kit for Kat!

It's taken Kat a good couple of years to get rid of her layers and grow her hair and she has now reached the point where she can make a nice ponytail or a neat braid (without hair sticking out). Of course, she does not want two braids (although easier to make with her hair) as she does not want to look cute but she wants to look pretty (?!) I am convinced that this must be a preteen thing but the obesession with long hair is currently very HOT in our house (second only to Kat's love for lip gloss!)

I look around in Kat's room and see Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Victoria Justice everywhere - I like them all too except that ALL of them have beautiful, long hair and have Kat believing that long hair is very 'in' and here to stay. Personally, I and Papa think that she looks much smarter with short hair but when you have an 11 year old with opinions and confidence of her own, you have to let go and give some degree of independence for them to live with their little decisions...


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