Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lansinoh Affinity Pro Breastpump

The Affinity® Pro can be used as a single or double electric breast pump and is easy to use and clean. The pump gives you a choice of three of the most effective pumping styles designed to simulate natural feeding patterns. Once in your chosen style, you can then adjust the suction level to tailor your pumping style, maximizing milk production and comfort.

The breast pump has two separate phases to simulate your baby's natural sucking pattern: Phase 1 - rapid suction to stimulate and initiate milk flow. This is then followed by Phase 2 - slower, deeper suction to maximise milk flow.

The 2 in 1 Affinity Pro Breast Pump features:

* Use as a single or double electric breast pump
* Hygienic design: guaranteed against milk entering the tubing - no need to clean tubing
* ComfortFit breast cushions for a soft, secure fit
* 2 separate phases: Let Down and Expression Phase
* Compatible with most standard neck baby bottles
* Bottle stands to help prevent spills
* Mains or battery operated
* Compact design, light and portable
* Large lit LCD screen making it suitable to use under low light conditions

Now in stock for £103.00 (RRP is £120)

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