Thursday, June 3, 2010

Babywarmas - New Colours for SUMMER 2010!

Babywarma - Baby Swimming

Perfect for swimming lessons and use in the pool, the Babywarmas are now available in new Summer 2010 colours of Gold/Nautical, Red, Fuchsia/Pink and Nautical/Aqua. Buy them at Mothersbliss here.

The Babywarmas allow freedom of movement for the baby and enable easy changing. The new Summer 2010 range also has a brand new size - Premature - 3 months. In addition to this feature, in this range, all Bigger Babywarmas (12-24months) have a side opening for easier changing.



Price: £18.99

Why Babywarmas?

Babies can get cold even in heated pools and hence the soft, neoprene fabric of these that fits snugly around the baby's body creates a warm, loving hug. It makes them feel safe and secure and keeps them warm.

Added Bonus! Babywarmas provide additional grip for mum and dad, giving peace of mind when carrying baby on poolside or in the water.

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  1. We introduced the Babywarmas last year in the colours Blue, Pink and Lilac and these have been hugely popular. What we must mention is that they are very 'quick dry' and that makes them really easy to use and reuse! We warmly welcome the new range and look forward to these bright new colours, some fun swimming and a warm, sunny Summer 2010!