Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bliss Nursing Bra from Bravado! The perfect t-shirt bra

Bliss Nursing BraBravado! has a wonderful collection of maternity/nursing bras and each one of them is emerging better than the rest. 'Bliss' (we love the name of this one!) is the newest addition to the family and it is blissfully yours...it magically disappears under clothing so all they see is your beautiful silhouette and all you feel is blissfully comfortable... Click here to buy this great nursing t-shirt bra today at Mothersbliss!

Regular Price: £33.00, Our Price: £31.99

The Bliss Nursing Bra provides elegant shape and exceptional fit for everyday use with Bravado's proprietary Flexi-Fit support channel. Featuring smooth, seamless and moulded foam cups for discretion and comfort, a low neckline and a luxurious satiny finish, we are sure you will fall in love with it!

This bra will offer you remarkable shape and lift, while maintaining comfort and good breast health. It offers discretion by hiding your nipples and breast pads (yes!) and is the perfect nursing bra for those fitted clothes! Gentle stretch in the cups along with a satiny finish make it a super comfortable fit. Coupled with all these features comes the signature Bravado! B clips and easy nursing access etc that make it the Number one choice for so many of us all over the world!


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  1. Nursing bras like these should have been made several years ago...never knew you could actually have nursing bras to hide breast pads which one can sometimes use to hide nipples! Brilliant - worth the investment considering all the other extra benefits that come from a Bravado! bra...would love to go back in time and have this essential bra in my nursing wardrobe.